Monday, October 29, 2012

Transformer Prime powerizer Megatron custom

bought this around the time I was watching episode 5 or something,i was so pissed off that hasbro couldn't even get the colour scheme right(i know,they were kinda going for the "blood of unicron" megs but still) so i went in and gave him the appropriate treatment 

he has eyes,just that it's too bloody small

did the 2 tone silver as seen in the show

the only 2 prime toys i have

I definitely need soundwave to complete this scene


  1. you also need an Optimus for this scene :p

    so you removed the alt mode eh? more screen accurate that way

    1. ^most epic scene in that episode btw.Let's just hope the 1st edition ones won't get sold out before i get to him :P

      Megs' alt mode looked derp anyways :s