Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mr Crystal color review/demo

got this paint yesterday(specifically amethyst purple) and had fun with it today,also since there isn't much of this on the internet,
I'm gonna walk through how to use it in this post

1st we need our parts,in this case i already primed

 then we put on our base coat

1st off we have white
i hate it when it's blurry




candy purple which i screwed up

and just for fun candy yellow(or gold)

after spraying~

on white it looks good,kinda resembles kamen rider W extreme's prism effect in the center :3

 next is purple.i like how it turned metallic when i sprayed it on

 next,candy purple,no difference

next,silver.kinda looks ugly on silver,the shine's been taken away

and just for fun,gold(candy yellow)

next is byfar the best undercoat,black.
 this was when i 1st sprayed it on

and this was when i learned how to control it :3

in conclusion this paint is Eggselent.though i give it 9/10 just cause you need to know how to control it to get a nice finish.

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